AMC Theaters unveiled 20-month rivalry for MoviePass


AMC Theaters, the world's largest movie theater in the chain. AMC Unveils a subscription service of $ 20 per month. This fee will compete with Flashing Movie Peace on Wednesday.

Her loyalty program at Theater Chain announced a new service on AMC Stub. It is allowing customers to see up to three movies per week for a monthly fee of $ 19.95. It's more expensive than the $ 9.95 monthly price for movie possible. But AMC's plan gives premium change screening access to iMax and 3D

The new subscription service is a new battle for what movie is most interested in. The AMC Movie was model has become a vocal rival, its price level is "unstable and uncertain."

But subscription services are especially popular among the Milanians. Who has proven to attract the theater? Such services as the jump of AMC into the subscription business. SB only offer more significant growth in the movie business.

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Theater, stressed that the AMC program was set to "sustainable price". After the monthly passage of the movie that has been suspended. Now the questions hold long-term efficacy of its economic model.

"AMC Starbase A-list is being taken to double the market by some of our competitors, " said Arin in a conference call with investors. "Consumers are making a good deal. But at a sustainable price point where we can be very confident that we Be on the basis of membership and be profitable. Instead of, that is our studio and premise you can adjust syndrome with increased profit sharing partners. "

Aron added: "Contrast, other discounters will continue to be cash hemorrhoids."

The movie PSL has attracted 3 million members, but the stock price of Helios and Mathson, the parent company, dropped below $ 38 to 44 cents. Movies pay for full tickets and sell them at a discount rate to rely on user data.

Movie Passage emphasized on AMC's announcement on Wednesday.

"AMC often dislikes our model as a way of discouraging our development. Because they wanted to start their own, more expensive plans with them." "We want to make movies more accessible, they want more profits".

AMC Stabs A-List Subscription Plans, which feature discounts also set to feature debut on Tuesday. Unlike movie pass, customers can watch all three movies on the same day and will be seen in the same movie. If fewer subscribers see less than three movies a week, movies will not carry.

AMC estimates that subscription members will watch 2.5 movies a month. Theater chain hopes that the service can spend 5-10 million US dollars in the ticket revenue company for six months. But that loss is the price of future profits.