Amazon Prime Day comes near, it’s important for consumers to be aware of a growing online problem

Online shoppers often rely on user reviews to determine whether they are buying a quality product or not. But it turns out now. Many of Amazon's fraudulent reviews give value to the Sketch Company. They give it to improve ratings for products that come from reviewers.
Reviews are often those who make nicknames. Those who buy from a dummy account, and who are reviewed from the dummy account. These are very difficult to create. Because they verify Amazon for action against counterfeit reviews. That can be even a dummy account.
But there are ways to make these fake reviews clear and you can get a real rating for interesting products. The review shows in writing. If it is a data like sound, or if the exact number of different numbers is used, it can be fake.
Check the history of critics If a review is from a person who keeps a bunch of reviews in a short time, it is a cause of concern. The same product has many reviews on the same day, it goes the same way. Be careful.
Amazon Vine is a suspicious Amazon veneer. A program that provides consumers with free products in exchange for reviews. If critics do not pay for things, they are going to leave a favorable review, which can not be true.
There are a string of reviews using photos similar to photos. It is a red flag All the pictures. It can be the same as a company might want to take pictures. They want it of visitors highlighting a specific feature of the product.
Find a valid website. If the product you purchased is valid, it's probably a different Amazon website. Where customers can report problems and mention the warranty information. These websites can do these things for you and tell you how Amazon reviews are trusted. users write a web address in an Amazon product. Within a few seconds, they analyze reviews for the product. And they give them a letter grade from A to F based on "Return" reviews from them. This website has more analysis than Amazon's 1.7 billion reviews.
Review has a similar task. It finds fake reviews for Amazon products and strips them. Buyers are going to see just valid reviews. So by reducing the overall rating of the product, it can take up to a dozen or five-star reviews. But the rest of which is reviewed by legitimate buyers
Both websites acknowledge that they are not perfect and cannot be 100 percent at the right time. But if you do not use them, they are better than blind people.