Amazon only made full pharmaceutical industry on notice


Pharmaceuticals Management is going to move forward in Amazon for pharmacy The June 28 agreement is not disclosed in terms of.

Based on the need to accept delles, the type of peel-pack type prescription depends on the medicines. It also manages the coordination of delivery, refill and medicines. A hub for healthcare training and technology in Boston was started in 2013. It has provided $ 83 million more than $ 83 million in the growth of the triple-point project in August 2017, according to the paper industry research firm.

PeelPack has been talking about Walmart’s $ 1 billion in April 2012. Walmart was also asked to talk to Medicare Instrument Human at the same time.

Amazon is afraid of the medical and pharmaceutical companies in January when it plans to introduce a low-cost, independent healthcare company for employees to partner with JMMergone and Berkshire Hathaway. Within 30 hours of the declaration announcement, the market value of the health care remains extinct for the biggest names. Last week, CEO of Healthcare Initiative, Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire’s Doctor and Journalist Atul Gawnde.

Amazon’s health aspirations have rumored at least last year. In the first half of 2017, Amazon started selling medical supplies in the United States and organized its recruitment for merchants at healthcare sites. Until October, the e-Commerce giants were approved for wholesale pharmacy license in at least 12 states.

Trust on Amazon’s authority on pharmaceuticals is widely considered to be Bid to buy CVS Health’s one Aetna of the United States’s largest health insurance company, for $ 61 billion in December 2017. This agreement is still being reviewed by the regulators, CVS chief executive Larry Merlow recently said that he hopes to close at the end of this year.

The shares of the main healthcare company decreased by 10 o’clock in the morning. Amazon’s stock published a decent 1% around $ 1,670 publication time.