Airlines for more than a thousand flights in Islamabad


A special one-off of Dubai-Islamabad Airport left from Dubai on Sunday morning, officials and journalists on Sunday morning. Airline Icon Double Docker will launch Islamabad on a special flight EK2524 / EK2525. It will be for the first time that 380 lands in Pakistan Follow our live coverage here.

Land in Islamabad flights

The flight received a warm welcome at the new Islamabad International Airport by grabbing 380 aircraft at a smooth landing at 12:20 pm (Pakistan time), with a round of applause and cheers from the passenger.

'It is looking forward to creating a daily flight' Ambassador of Pakistan United Arab Emirates, Hamad Al Jabah, it is a historic day for the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan air travel.

He said, "It reflects our strong relationship," he said, "we are looking forward to a daily flight to continue talks with the authorities concerned with Pakistan."

Onboard Entertainment

With over 420 new TV episodes added on the onboard ICE entertainment system amazing. It must have captured everyone on this special flight.

One off the flight is completely booked

A380 flight arrive at noon from 8 noon to Islamabad at 3 hours and 10 minutes. The flight leaves Islamabad at 3:40 pm and arrives in Dubai at 5:45 pm on the same day.

Emirates's special A380 one-off flight from Islamabad

Captain Ijazul Haq (left on the board) to run the first Emirates flight from Dubai to Mumbai on October 25, 1985.

Although the flight is closed, it is fully registered with commercial travelers, except for a small government delegation.
Captain Fazle Gani, who ran the first Emirates flight in Pakistan in 1985, is on the board as a special guest. She is 86 now

Pakistani ambassador Moazzam Ahmed Khan in the United Arab Emirates; Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President Sheikh Majid Al Mualla of Commercial Operations Center and King Jafar of a famous Pakistani businessman.

Airlines said he wants to make this flight a regular daily service in the future.

"We are proud to bring our flash pad 380 Bike to Islamabad, and we look forward to displaying our innovative products with the signature Emirates Signature Emirates Service, although this is a special flight, we are very interested in launching A380 service from Pakistan and these plans Continue working with the authorities to realize Captured. "Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Center, Maulana Sheikh Ali said,

About the flight

This special one-stop service, Emirates 380 aircraft, arranges two class configurations, a wide range of economy class seats and full flat-beds in the business class and the Emirates's popular Dawn lounge.