What Will Be The Cost Of Developing An Airbnb Clone App?

Airbnb Clone App

In this era of millennials, there is always a scope for new businesses to flourish in their respective markets. It all started with people renting their apartments and houses for guests. Tourists or people who want to stay in places for a short period of time prefer to book their accommodation through this means. 

But still, now, there is a gap between the guests and property owners. To bridge the gap, vacation rental apps help people find accommodations. Airbnb is an online platform for users to book their accommodations from a list of properties featured in the app. 

The success of Airbnb has influenced several entrepreneurs to enter the vacation rental app market. With Appdupe’s Airbnb clone app, you can also foray into the market with a standard application. 

What are the potentials of launching an Airbnb clone?

Originally launched as ‘ Bed and Breakfast’, Airbnb is a vacation rental app that lets people book their accommodation. Initially, the vacation rental apps were started as a ‘niche’ concept, but they became an absolute need later on. 

In this current era, we largely depend on technology to find solutions to all our needs. Accommodation apps like Airbnb have become a must-have option for millennials to book their rooms or stays.

When travel and hospitality revamp post-covid, there will be a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs like you to shine in the market. So, launching an Airbnb clone app will be a sure hit shortly. 

At Appdupe, we offer a white-labeled Airbnb clone app for entrepreneurs like you to start your business. Our ready-to-launch Airbnb clone app is pre-built with distinctive features with which you can start your business in no time. 

Enchanting features of our Airbnb clone 

Our robust Airbnb clone will have the following features,

  • Interchangeable profiles for host and guests

In some cases, the hosts would like to turn into guests for booking accommodation in different places. On the other hand, the hosts would like to interchange. So, our Airbnb clone has a feature to support both the interchangeability. 

  • Live chat options

Our Airbnb clone supports 24*7 live chat options for both the guests and hosts. However, they can chat in the app and convey their queries to the admins. 

  • Detailed listings

The property listings are provided with images, details, rules of the properties, and host information. This will also allow the guests to know more about the host and his/her properties. 

  • Price estimation

The app also lets the guests calculate the pricing of the property by calculating the price of the stay according to the duration and seasonal traffic. 

  • Category wise listings

Finding all the properties together at a place is quite challenging. So, the hosts can list their properties based on the categories. On the other hand, the hosts can also view their properties according to the categories. 

What will be the cost of developing an Airbnb clone app?

Generally, the cost of developing an app depends completely on several factors and determinants. You are the deciding factor of your app development cost. Because the features, functionalities, and customizations you opt for will decide the final cost of your Airbnb clone.

However, there are several factors like app platform, app size, UX/UI design, the technology used, and digital marketing cost. All these factors will be calculated, and the final costs will be drawn.

In addition, if you opt for extra technical support like API integration, bug fixing, and testing, the cost will increase considerably.

Wrapping up

In the wake of technology, almost all businesses have entered the digital space. Accommodation app like Airbnb is a game-changer and have become a dire need for travelers. With Appdupe’s Airbnb clone, you can also rock the market and become a successful entrepreneur.

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