African Press Review 27 June 2018


Yesterday the South Sudan peace talks were divided between Salwa kir and Rik Machar. Noor Hussain does not die for the murder of the victim. But he will still go to jail in the Democratic Republic of the country, fifty MPs face President Joseph Kabir in the face of trial, today openly, Opposition leader Moyet Kutubir

"South Sudan rivals hit a peace deal." Regional magazine East African morning this edition top title

The report claimed that this week, in a meeting face-to-face in Khartoum, South Sudanese President Salva Kir and rebel leader Rick Mashra finally signed an agreement to end the civil war. East African said that the two leaders have been compromising on many outstanding issues.

The provision of ceasefire by the regional agencies, the IGED and the African Union for the ceasefire, the withdrawal of all military forces and the recruitment of troops was included.

Based on the Framework Agreement signed yesterday by East Africa, two competing Khartoum government agreed to coordinate with the Youth Administration to secure oil fields in South Sudan and restore production to the earlier stage.

The same story with important stories

The same story is at the top of the Khartoum-based Sudan Tribune front page, but the tone is slightly lesser. "South Sudanese parties to sign the framework agreement on Wednesday," read the title of the Sudan Tribune ".

"Some Progress" reports have been published in the prospect and the possibility of a detailed peace agreement between the two weeks. The Sudan Tribune has said that both Salva Kir and Rick Ma'phir pledged their commitment to the relief fund for achieving peace. Today another announcement will be announced today.

Once more, without additional hesitation

Even this possibility was suspected in the morning on the first page of Kenya's daily country. According to the headline, "South Sudan agreement in Misha will take longer," we have found that the documents of this framework will be signed in the morning that the opposition is dissatisfied with the promise of Khartoum journalists. Mashar's spokesman said that negotiations between the two parties are still going on.

The negotiation agreement on how to negotiate will depend on progress. Mashra has asked for more than 48 hours to ease the South Sudanese opposition group and its people on land.

Facing the rape of the rape, facing the jail

Noor Hussain does not die for the murder of the victim. It is also on the first page of East Africa. In a regional daily report, a court in Sudan yesterday sentenced Hussain to death and fined five years in jail.

Nur Hossain was convicted for "intentionally murder" for his husband, who told him to be raped after being forced to marry her to his father at the age of 16. The death penalty created panic for the United Nations and the Worldwide Rights Group. 10-year-old girls can be legally allowed in Sudan's marriage.

After the Katwi trial, the poets face the wrath of the MPs

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attacked President Joseph Kabula against some of the judges, today openly, Opposition leader Moyet Qutubi's Qutubby and six people face trial before the Supreme Court, for "damaging domestic security".

In a letter to the poet, fifty pro-Katpi MPs and senators criticized the trial and said, "It is nothing but shame for the state's highest authority that you accept.

"The political opponent, personal ambition or hatred for the thirst for power can not allow a citizen's judicial harassment," the letter will continue.

Katumi has been accused of recruiting and marketing the tenants after coming out of Kabul at the end of 2015. Katubaji is living in exile in Belgium and has already been convicted of allegations of involvement in fraud and fraud in a separate case of the DRC. He promised to expect DRC to return to the upcoming presidential election as the candidate.