Abrahaminte Santhathikal Movie Review: Mammootty hangs better than its recent transition compared to this little thriller.


To review this Mammootty film, you can analyze the rest of the movie. You can admit that Momum has been holding a separate universe in his heart-hard fans. If two options are removing from your mind to the likeness of legend and stick to its work in the last decade you will result in low heart conditions. Alternative 1 invites heartbeat since it must admit that he has tried himself. And he has restricted himself from examined and annoying, such as young people like Nabin Palli and Fahad Fasil. Who redefine the mainstream or even Prithviraj Sukumaran. Mamuukh’s own son Dulkarma Salman, who was also compared to those two, expanded the boundaries of commercial movies.

I’m going to give option 2 for this writing. Abahakek Shahi Padra directed by Abraham Sinthathik (Son of Abraham) for most years. Most of the films are better than film, but nothing is better than its superiority. Kasab is not abused as did the last year’s Great Father and Masterpiece, like the camera itself Since these movies are slaughtering by the stars Law. Spectrum in the Malayalam film. Spectrum, it is locating around Shamed Saiden Street Lights. which releases this January. An exciting thriller that could become a bit more interesting story than it could be if it is not so stable. Its hero underlining the cool of the hero, but to be nauseating As is not so obsessed with her.

Abraham Trinity requires Mammootty to play a police worker for the nth time in his career. Here, he investigated in the incident of serial killings in his first interview. And the interview was with ASP Derrick Abraham. Later, that the case was over, yet he caught by others. Derick is not a very good choice. Because he refused to reject a stickler for the fate that he grew up or skirt on her colleagues when she had a tight spot. His forces added to the enemy. Not to forgive public prosecutor Diana Joseph (Kanki). He has apologized for her old romantic relationship.

There is support for Derick SP Shahul Hameed (Renji Panicker). But much senior police (Siddik-operated, Yog Japee, and Suresh Krishna) are waiting a long time. When their bête noir gets in jeopardy when their brother caught in a scandalous crime.

An excellent thing about Abraham Sathiyechal is that Mama loves to prepare himself. And he is usually styled to look older than his movies. When you think that there is still hope and the celebration of the baby’s progress in its evolution begins. Then you realize that on 66-o-67. She is like her younger brother Aneson Paul. Who says to me, 29-going on-on -30 Okay then In 2002. Bollywood actors Hum Kisi Kum Nahin played Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai’s brothers and sisters role.

Dirteachers directory gives you the keys to make it. If you or someone’s love have legal trouble and need a Winchester center medical in Derick. Then please seek qualified professional on our website. They were enjoyable and more. So if there is not too much time left to raise. The height of the slow-shot shot and entertaining camera in the corner. So it is to highlight the build and interesting personality.

Even , Mahesh Narayanan has decided to perform a series of questions. While prescribing the timing of the second case of Abraham Sawanathalalal. According to the directive of the scaling order of his epic. Although the move from the second case to a jump that should blame on her, but on writing.

He said that Henieff Adine’s story of the mystery involved with Derek and his brother is half not bad and highlights some wonderful events. This type of narrative has improved by more jing and jing. But not ace, instead let’s pull the speed of moving our moving car slowly, then the door must be opened at a snail speed, then a stylish shoe will be placed on the ground and subsequently the camera is going to release … OMG, who do you realize? do not do!

Well, at least this strange Abraham was not going to the Pacific. Such as WhitePoint White (2011) and those like. He have been sauntering towards the camera besides to Big M’s sunglasses. At least, the shock of maternal grandfather is not aggressive here. Because it was the Great Pope, where the central plot – killing a hero’s girl. And a serial rapist – the drama about the leather jacket defeated.

I do not know though? When Muthuati fans saw the sudden, Abraham laughed at the cynical view. He became desperate in the context of this scene. And he started crying in the face of the star’s first shoe, “Mamuukhah, Mamukunkao!”

For the record, the title of the movie is a tricky game. Because it refers to a brilliant reference to Abraham in the Old Testament of Biblical. which deals with indecent statements in the opening of Derick. But later you realize that it is only here that the child is not speaking only about children or children. Rather, his wonderful avatar is also used here. As I said, the story of this picture is not half bad. Moving on the scale of its Plusas and Minus scale in Mamuttivar. The ongoing rental as the Abraham Lincoln.