A finance minister, former Harvard professor, and Michael Terpin Etheal is backing up healthcare projects


Recently the "New York Times" and Forbes, each major newspaper business issue, has been written about medical tourism. They cited the stories of Mr. Gau's by Times, whose stomach did not respond to tumor chemo and radiation treatment. A trip to Boston, where he was able to access medical treatment in his native China, save his life.

Similarly, a British man from Coach Magazine may be psychologically painful toothache 3 months before treatment or £ 2500 for personal visits and dental implants. She instead chose to join them in the 50,000 British people who turn into a healthy holiday in a toothbrush every year. She travels to Hungary, where the dental implant costs about £ 480. In just 3 days, he spent the waiting list, got the highest quality treatment in his life, got relief from his pain, had a beautiful cultural experience, and saved enough money.

Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and other leading American hospitals are also making rings for a part of the market.

According to the speed, World's famous Mayo Clinic has launched a $ 6.5 billion plan to build Destiny Medical Center, which aims at a small but incredibly rich section of medical tourists. DMC started to choose foreign tourists who were created to win European, East Asian, and Gulf Arab patients, or domestic competition like Johnson's Hopkins University or Cleveland Clinic in Baltimore.

So why is not everyone hopping over planes?

The whole thing seems to be very good - it is not very caught. Today, in 1.5-2 million Americans travel for medical treatment every year. It's a complete population of Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco.

The problem is total lack of access to information, a situation that demands a lot of beliefs. Medical tourism assistants help overcome foreign language barriers by navigating foreign clinics. But patients can be 30% of the commission, so in most cases, middle-class individuals earn more than treatment, which costs 2 billion dollars of Americans' total expenditure on conservative assumptions each year.

Medical Tourism 3.0 is on this road

Inspired by their own problems in overseas care, the Ethiopian team led by Victor Tabri, a former student of Stanford Innovative Health Care, as people take advantage of healthcare abroad.

Transform Group Chief Executive Michael Terpin, Ph.D. Ozhko, Hungarian Finance Minister (2009-2010) and President of World Privy Forum Pam Dickson Advisor, Ethyl transforms the world of healthcare with a transparent global database. Doctors and clinics

Forbes reports patients are already using Cryptococcus to provide medical tourism services. now Atle is taking it to the next level. Creates their effective product ( https://doklist.com ) which gives 2.5 million visits per year. the team starts selling Skeletal Public Data for accessibility and reach.

Directed by Blockchain, Etheal.com platform lets patients find online doctors anywhere in the world. Using reviews in their own language and send queries immediately. A fraction of the cost agency is pricing on. Conservation of American users is an estimated about $ 1.98 billion. which is enough to buy 700,000 breathing machines for premature babies.

Ethyl's institutional technology solves the biggest problem of medical tourism: lack of trust

Blockchain enables reviews to easily translate and athletes-owned rankings and trust scores show the complete history of a healthcare provider. It also includes overall patient satisfaction, availability, and communication, as well as the quality of treatment.

Atheel's Rank and Trust Score Model has been modeled after the Belize Score of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. The important instance is designed to rank the participants on merit, to suppress a democratic game of dictatorships or numbers ruled by guerrillas. Based on voters' own track record, or domain expertise, voting in each unique category and voting is done by it. The majority of people in a democracy decide equally, regardless of the expertise of a person. Instead, Etheal's system polling creates a meritocracy, where the best, as determined by known marriage, will emerge at the top of the list.

The subject matter of topic, biased, and divided information on doctors. Together, healthcare providers can make suppliers with ETheal.com a transparent global database.

Helping 1 billion people around the world with Ethel's Blocken Layer

Medical Tourism Just Begins The Planet Layer's on-home applications are planned, including Telemedicine and Pharma Research Tools.

Roadmap encourages developers to create third-party applications on Ethyl's blockage. These applications will be available on the Platform App Store, and may also plug in existing payment and delivery infrastructure. With mainstream and mainstream support to build a real healthcare solution with cryptosystems, reaching out to as many people as possible with the best care of the team.

Token sales

Ethel's whitelist submission will close on June 18, with 30% bonus earning an opportunity. The project has a limited $ 10m hard hat and has already sold HEAL tokens worth $ 1 million from 724 contributors.

Michael Terpin, former professor of David Orban and Harvard Medical School. Tiber Bartha, the team is advised. Ishaal's smart agreement was successfully monitored by Blockchainlab New Zealand, which is not surprising, co-founder and CTO Mr. on UC Irvine and Smart Contract Security of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Tabri speech.

landing and gambling tokens for crypto entrepreneurs, athal portfolios are well placed at the top IOC in healthcare space by keeping the full wallet for payment. The team is already working with 2.5 million visits every year. which certainly does not eliminate all the risks associated with the crypto project. But a strong symptom of credibility.