700 GDC workers are now giving structural notices


More than 700 working days of the State-owned Geophysical Development Organization (GDC) have called for delayed working conditions and a lower pay hike.

Employees through the Kenyan Electrical Trades and Allied Workers Union (KETU), GDC wants to implement a joint negotiation agreement (CBA) for December 20, 2012, December 2012, a road to another claim. Not only that, the notice will expire when a hartal started on 24 July.

“In compliance with the Constitution and Labor Relations Act and other laws, we notify the GDC management’s notice to deal with these issues, the failure that our members do not have to strengthen in order to participate in United Nations shut down, 21 days on 21st July 2018, “Ketawu Secretary-General Ernest Nuneken signed the notice and said in the notice.

GDC workers say that their disaster work conditions have been put on hold, apart from their personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety committee, their preventable accidents have been published.

GDO accuses allegations of wages, specific employment and lack of commitment to coordinate promotion. Also, the union says the state agency is being run on the policy of skewed and solitary employment and its staff has used poor social benefits in their Menengai, Nakuru sites and drilling departments.

GDC communications manager Wanjiru Kangra said the company was in consultation with the union and would publish further details of the deal.

“We are in discussion about the union on this issue, and are always talking to them,” MK Kandara said without further details.

In September last year, the two parties signed in CBA, GDC sets new conditions for employees, who work without service conditions for almost a decade. The CBA also includes salary structure, allowances, medical schemes and labor disputes.

It has now been raised that after the signing of the contract, necessary appointment and labor relations did not disclose the agreement to the court, even though the union said it was satisfied that the agreements were agreed. In addition, the conditions of the contract have not been disclosed to the workers that the court has not yet been submitted.

GDC was formed in 2008 to sell state-owned power generator Kenjen and other private power producers for Kenya’s geological field drill and development.

The company is active in Nayyahya, Olkaria, Suswa, Menangai Nakur and Baringo. Treasury CS Henry Rotich said in the budget speech last month that the government will come under the project of three Private Public Partnerships (PPP) Projects in the Mayngai site in the current financial year, producing 35 megawatts each.

The Menengai site, where GDC 2011 has been drilling, is expected to produce 1,600 megawatts, potentially 3,400 megawatts of Baringo and 750 MW of solar panels are estimated.