3 texts discuss help you focus and meet your marketing goals


They can help you increase your sales or find a campaign to target your most sought-after customer base.

Traditional marketing efforts of the past serve as a wonderful reminder when customers easily reduce easily. These days, consumers are savvier and more informative than ever before, and they are consciously conscious of the people behind the screen.

The following TED discussions explain how cerebral marketing has become the world:

1. Steven Johnson: "Where Good Ideas Come"

Author Steven Johnson combined with technology, science and user experience, we live and think about their career and their real impact. His idea of TED talk focuses on the creation, most of the marketers have an idea on the mind.

Johnson thinks that great ideas have emerged from general traffic from here on Eureka moment. A single example of really bright ideas is not born, rather, instead of multiple channels come from (which is the word "liquid network"). He used various examples like Darwin's theory of evolution, how to create modern GPS (by Sputnik satellites and some strange lab workers).

2. Sheena Iyengar: "How to make it easy to choose"

More like more sales results? Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, Sheena Iyengar, a respected writer, and not many. Sheena Iyengar further decided that the decision was prevented, and he used the example of a gourmet grocery store which provided a lot of jam.

Youngsters found that while consumers sample sampling samples offered 24 choices, they were probably less likely to buy any. However, when only six samples are presented, then customers can buy up to 30% more barrages once. Yangar believes that there is an abundance of consumer consumers, which may be hampered by decision making.

3. Rory Sutherland: "Life Lessons from an Advertising Man"

Rory Sutherland began her famous advertising career as a copywriter in 1988. In the coming years, he gained important insight into the marketing world with the importance of the concept. An important marketing strategy to create the estimated value of the product, it says something deep into the consumers that exceed the requirement.

Marketing is heartbroken; How do you satisfy a customer that your product is the right one for them? Increasing the value you felt, Sutherland says. How did he influence Friedrich Germans, he told them to declare their royal plant and not to feed the common man, to create a staple element of their potato food. Soon, the Germans are eating potatoes in the tower, because now they have more felt value.