3 Frustrating Marketing Tips From “Office”


Last year, we have consulted three PR questions from everyone's favorite sitcom, The Office. Well, our hatred with Dr. Under Mifilin is as strong, the more we decided to come back from Scranton to the knowledge of our friends. The show is full of amazing f ock that is valuable marketing insight you can use in your own work. There are 3 tips for the fun entertaining staff of Dr. under Mifflin.

Tip # 1: Stay in the Character

Nobody knows how to build a character like Michael Scott, from the hard Prison Mike, a gentleman of Southern gentleman Caleb Cradled or Heroic Michael Shark, a character in Michael's character. He committed 100 percent to tell a story, even to ridicule his colleagues. Although its acting practices may be obsolete, they are ultimately effective. His employees respond to his overwhelming impressions. Michael knows how to communicate important messages in a memorable fashion. Through its characters, he is able to make personal connections with his audience.

Great marketing is not berating your audience with information about your product; It's about telling a story about the message you want to convey with your marketing and sticks to it. Your product feels personal and your audience will not forget about it soon.

Tip # 2: Confirm your content

Episode "Product Recall," During an attack by Dunder-Mifflin, an unhappy employee printed a few of the papers with a leaved watermark. The paper is attributed to local high schools, small businesses and more. Their consumers are ridiculed right. In a poor effort to control the victims, Michael held a sickly press conference, but the company's reputation is already tarnished. We later discovered that the creed, the head of the quality officer, slipping into the job. He did not check the paper before it was sent. An unscrupulous worker was fired because of his unexpectedness.

This episode is a powerful section of the importance of proofreading. Double check your work to make sure you avoid any shameful mistakes, or worse - a PR scandal! Even better, if you could have someone else double check your content, they're probably likely to catch the wrong error you ignored

Tip # 3: Think Through Your Ideas

Inspired by Season 5's "Golden Ticket", Michael Wiley Winka, and ready to give "Golden Tickets" for 10 percent from the client's next order. Although laughter seems to be a great way to get into excitement, Michael did not think about the responsibilities of his campaign. He soon realized that all his gold tickets were sent to the same client. And only a client, but Dunder-Mifflin's biggest client: Blue Cross of Pennsylvania. He has forgotten to include restrictions on gold tickets, so clients can combine coupons up to half of their orders. Everyone is annoyed with this news: Jim lost 50 percent of his commission and the company's upward spirits were furious. Finally, when the situation is perfect, Dunder-Mifflin pledges to make Dunder-Mifflin the owner of their exclusive paper suppliers.

Even if you are excited about an idea, consult with your colleagues to get your opinion and complete the work you are thinking, like the idea of promotion, social media strategy or promotion. The unfortunate Golden Ticket can be prevented if Michael interrogates his colleagues for the input before adding a gold ticket to the box. Learn from its mistakes and take time to consider the effects of your ideas.