3 Boston Review Poetry Editor resigns on the handling of Junoon Diaz Magazine


Three Poetry editors at Boston Review, Timothy Donnelly, B.K. Fischer and Stephanie Heim, the paper has resigned even after deciding to keep Junt Diaz, who was recently accused of sexual abuse and verbal abuse. Women spoke against Diaz, who reviewed their relationship with the magazine writer, who has been served as a fiction editor since 2003, and concludes, “On the basis of what we learned, we decided to continue our editorial relationship with Junot” The magazine added that about them No complaint was found and “# Muito Ando” in the offensive behavior described in public reports Gives priority to make such is the intensity. ”

In response, three poem editors of the magazine announced their decision on effective resignation on July 1. They publish a statement of their own, saying, “What is most of us is that the clear arbitration of the letter of #meteugh movement and its inclusion in the lack of attention is a star-driven media and the focus of energy dynamics in the landscape of publication.”, Respondents, Boston Review Editor Joshua Cohen Weekly Weekly said, “We think we have done the right thing. But this conviction, long reflection and conversation [writers] arrived later, their decision to separate our sorrow does not take away. “