2018 FIFA World Cup – Russia 5 Saudi Arabia 0


On Thursday evening, at the Luizanci Stadium, Russia won 5-0 against Saudi Arabia and started their World Cup campaign.

Yuri Gazinski and substitute Denis Cherhreshov scored goals in the first half of the match before Stanislav Cherevasov scored the first goal. Before a free-kick by Azarenka Gowolovind, the hosts stood in front of their class after a wonderful performance by Chroschev with Crossev to remember a day for Carlos fans.

In fact, Russia dominated the first move and started very soon in Saudi Arabia. But Alan Dijgov was suddenly hit in a White House match. Goalkarin scored a goal of twelve minutes after winning against Barcelona in the quarter-finals against Russia. Yuri Gazinski scored the first goal of the 24.22 world cup.

The Saudi Prince himself composed and kept the ball from time to time, but failed to show any possible probability of note in the content. In the first half, they were the closest. Seeing Mohammad al-Sahlabi, his head was pushed to the corner.

In the final half of the half-time period, the Russian rivalry ended more speculation-speculation. A resounding character quickly challenged by the violent striker was finally found by Sub-Dennis Chertsev. He defeated two Saudi riders before spreading the ball behind the careers.

Juan Antonio failed to stand beside him during the PGA break as the Russians went ahead in the second half. With 30 minutes to play, the hosts occupy the third round with a perfect cross for the Druba in third place again.

The Russians did not stop there, and they left behind its net for the fourth time in his spectacular vehicle in Cherus. Even then, Alexander Golvin arranged for a free-kick to get 5-0 for the Russians and a free-kick to start the World Cup final competition.