Celebrating Colombia’s goal is to win hearts on the Internet


Brazil's 2014 FIFA World Cup was the celebration of Colombia's best goal. They again open their unique style against Senegal in the Russian World Cup. To defeat Senegal, Yairi Mina reached the goal of winning 1-0. The opening ceremony of the South American team has again spread.

Colombia, who topped with six-point Group H, on Tuesday faced a last 16 match against England Group G Runners-up England. To reach the next round, only one point was needed in Senegal's final Group H game. But after losing to runner-spinner in Japan, they would head home because they had a bad discipline.

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This was the first time in the history of the World Cup that the team was eliminated by the number of yellow cards found in the tournament.

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On Thursday, Poland lost 1-0 to both sides, both Senegal and Japan were at four points and in other cases, the same was concluded. But after finishing second in Asia's second position, Senegal got four cardboard cards in six matches. For the first time in 2004, they defeated Senegal in their World Cup group stage and left Africa without a knockout team for the first time in 36 years.

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Before reaching the 74th minute of Senegal, reach the corner of the corner and send a bullet headline to the net roof and stand on the roof of the net. It was a serious injury to Senegal, which was good for most players and after the first one-week review the penalty was withdrawn in the first half.

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In the 17th minute, Liverpool's forward Sadevi meant to take the game against Devensen Sanchez and the referee Milorad Maggie to the venue. The VAR system was not universally acclaimed in this tournament. But the television replays showed that Sanchez's ball was delayed. and after reviewing its original decision, the social consensus was agreed.

Colombia had a poor start off and the first time blowmaker and talisman James Rodriguez had to be forced to compulsory off an injury suffered. Colombia's hopes in their last match against Poland. Rodriguez had ankle again on the shoulders. Who were ahead in the final quarter-finals four years ago.

Samarro faced a huge challenge within the minutes of the Arena. Which apparently took its toll, and after half an hour, the pitch was mostly delayed midnight. However, due to his inaction, the South African slogan was revived, which was the second best in almost all divisions.

The whole game was thin on the ground. Colombian striker Ramamel Falka was moving in the 25th minute and again in the second half, and an attempt by alternate Luis Merrill was blocked.

Still, Meena Columbus scattered among the Colombian fans who did not travel around the house from home, who made the back seat behind the stadium.

"There was a lot of pressure in the air," said Colombian coach Jose Pekerman.

"In this regard, we have performed very well and have waited for the opportunity. And when we saw the opportunity, we accepted it."