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FIFA World Cup 2018: an Environmental situation in England, Poland ‘final’ with Colombia and visits from 11 July

Harry Cain took them on the line against intense Tunisia. Meanwhile, after the unexpected victory of their campaigns in Japan and Senegal. Yekaterinburg’s lock horn Although, Poland and Colombia face a must-win situation.
Here’s a look you can expect on 24 June, Matchday 11:
The World Cup for the England team, with the expected expectations. Everything is set up already.
Young, friendly squad – Harry Cain, who also made the team’s first goal. But despite having a small dust-up with the media, won the title 2-1 in Tunisia on his last title. England is now facing Punjab, who are playing in their first World Cup and lose 3-0 to Belgium.
Loom to finish a match group drama with powerful Belgium and gifted Manchester United striker Ramilo Lukaku. But England can face pressure by defeating Punjab. and a spinner will guarantee in the second round.
After losing to Iceland in the 2012 European Championship, Edmonds is known to defeat. Coach Gareth Southgate warns to get very “comfortable”.
There is another similarity between Iceland and Panama that England. That should enter into preparations. Panamah defender Adolfo Macadada is looking at long-term players. As did the Ace Midfielder Aaron Ginsrane? who had former international team player Alan Shearer said;
“I’ve seen the worst performance ever since England’s team.”
To revive the squad, South Gate made England’s “golden generation” page. 9 players made their debut against Tunisia in the World Cup and more than half of the teams are 25 or less.
Panama, for its part, played a party’s role to be happy to be here. Coach Harrenn Gomez whipped out the character of the team against Belgium in the field of performance. Resulting in a good result as a result of losing 3-0.
“It should have been bad,” he said.
Japan vs Senegal
The team won the Yekaterinburg match on Saturday with a surprising 2-1 win – near Poland, Japan and Colombia and Senegal. This means that in the group stage the winner will be in good shape in the advance of the past. And a draw can benefit both .
Japan emerged as the first Asian team to beat a South American team in the World Cup. Two African teams from Senegal won the tournament so far. Nigeria another
Japan is an experienced team. The country has qualified for the last 6 World Cups. Which can be full strength against Senegal. Shinji Okazaki in front of Leicester City had an option against Colombia. But could start after recovering from the right calf strain.
Coach Akira Nishino said, “Instead of showing a reaction to the opposition’s strength. we will have to play full potential”.
Senegalese character, 42-year-old coach Aliou Cisse, became an Internet favorite after festive celebrations. Cisse was the Senegalese captain. When he reached the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup’s only former World Cup.
He also says that international football needs more black coaches. He is the only black coach in this World Cup.
Senegal’s defense will reprimand Japan’s attack, as it was against Poland. The team wants to get more opportunity from Liverpool’s forward Sadio.
Poland vs Colombia
Poland has taken eight places in the FIFA ranking list, 16th in Colombia. And both have faced the initial expectations of the World Cup.
The tournament could not start much worse for Colombia. Carlos Sanchez got a red card against Japan in the third round. Forcing his team to play almost all the players in the whole match.
Colombia authorities say they are investigating the threat of murder against Sanchez in the social media. The strange message shot from the 1994 World Cup to Colombia. and shot to Andres Escobar, where he lost to United United, scored his own goals.
Radamel Falka – Four years ago, Colombia’s leading all-time great cricketer. Having won the World Cup, won Sunday’s match.
“It will be like a final,” he said.
The greatest goal scorer of Poland. Robert Levandovsky of Bayern Munich has his own design to control the game.
“we do not have enough risks,” said Lewandowski. “Against Colombia … we will play and well.”


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